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Bamboo in Baltic| Custom Wall Art


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Celebrate Summer's Serenity: When summer graces your garden, nothing captures its tranquility quite like a grove of bamboo. Our bespoke wall art pays homage to this magnificent plant, capturing its spirit through a unique blend of natural elegance and artistic ingenuity. Handcrafted from Baltic Birch and adorned with exquisite Italian porcelain tiles, this exceptional artwork invites the peaceful essence of bamboo into your space.

This piece highlights the intricate details of each bamboo stalk, re-envisioned with a modern twist to enhance any contemporary setting. By using layers of wood at various depths, I have emphasized the distinctive textures of the bamboo, making each stalk pop against a rich, textured matte black porcelain backdrop. This striking contrast not only showcases the bamboo’s allure but also adds a captivating depth and dimension to the artwork, creating an  illusion of depth.

Customizable in size, this versatile artwork is tailored to fit perfectly within your space, ensuring it becomes a seamless and impactful part of your home’s decor.

•Dimensions 16" x 60"

•Offered in Custom Sizes

•Designed and hand crafted in an Artisan studio

•Original Design

•Baltic Birch and Porcelain Tile

•Quality Craftsmanship

•Made in Canada

•Easy Installation with included French Cleat system

The Beauty is in the Details